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Nebuliser at home, what's the point?

After recent viral infections causing havoc with my sons asthma the GP suggested buying a nebuliser for home. My question is, what's the point of having the equipment without the medicine to back it up.

Has anyone purchased their own? Only I've done what was asked and purchased a reasonable priced one but again what's the point really

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Can I just ask what country you are in?

I know from our experience my sons consultant will not allow home nebs. He told us they can mask how bad a child is and you may not realise until they are very ill. If my son is ill enough to need nebs he needs to be in hospital as he deteriorates very quickly.


Thanks for the reply we're uk southwest area. GP won't prescribe the medicine but just wanted us to have a Neb at home! I'm confused


What's the point of having one if they won't prescribe the salbutamol nebs?

I know in USA they seem to have them routinely but in the uk I don't think many children are given them.


We are in the SW too. We have a home neb for steroid and saline use for our 5yr old. However our GP prescribes Salbutamol nebs too. I refuse to use them (I would take her to the ward or call an ambulance if bad) but its good to know we have the back up while we wait for paramedics should we need.


I thought about using saline but the instructions say not too. I'm going to contact the GP for clarification. Thank you for your comments everyone


Corry you shouldn't use saline without agreement from your treating doctor - and a prescription for sterile saline nebs (don't make your own!). Saline can cause bronchospasm in some people with asthma, I had to have my first saline nebs in the hospital to ensure they were safe for me to use.

I am so puzzled that they have suggested a nebuliser but won't prescribe the meds... very weird. Hope your GP can give you some enlightenment! :)


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