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New and scary

Hello there!

I have been diagnosed with late onset asthma about a year ago. Really struggling to come to terms with it. I thought I had things pretty much under control with Symbicort and Montelukast but I caught a cold last week and had two days in hospital. Sent home with the usual steroids and antibiotics, but I just feel so hopeless. I was truly shocked at how fast I went from great to dreadful. Feeling pretty sorry for myself. Just joined the forum in the hope that I can connect with other people in the same boat!

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welcome to the forum (hugs)

i'm not new to asthma or the forum but i am new to needing steroids, been asthmatic about 25 years and am currently on my first course. I was surprised as well at how different asthma can be and i've had / got loads of questions regarding steroids. You'll find loads of friendly people here probably much better able to give you advice than i am xx


Hello ZDC, and welcome to the forum,

Like you, I was diagnosed with adult-onset asthma, and have lived with it for the last 4 years. I lived the first 22 years of my life with no respiratory problems, and then everything kicked off! Asthma varies massively from person to person (even on the forum!), and you will probably meet people with asthma which ranges from the occasional cough, to those which take a myriad of drugs/steroids/inhalers to control their condition. My advice for you, and something which I still use to help myself cope with the ever-changing condition, it to take things ""one day at a time"". This sounds very trivial, but worrying about what you might be feeling like tomorrow can cause your asthma to worsen today. If you are having a good day, try and embrace it, and if you're feeling a little rough, take it easy.

I hope this helps a little,

Chukk x


Hey, as well as having asthma and trying to figure that one out, I am also trying to figure out how to reply to people on this forum! Why does everything appear so hard sometimes?! Anyway, thank you for the positive and encouraging responses I have had so far. It really is good to know that I am not alone. It is weird, but I don't really know anyone else with asthma. Would be very interested in knowing how people find coping with working. I was forced to give up my job in March due to too much time off sick. I don't think I could work full time currently, but have considered part time. However, every time I get round to applying for something I just end up back in hospital. I am worried about the future. Lucky enough to have a husband that supports me, but would dearly love my own income again and a sense of self worth - been sorely missing for some time.


Hi and welcome!

That does sound pretty awful. I am lucky in that I am managing to work and my company/colleagues have been lovely, but I'm very new in my job ie still on probation and have landed in hospital a couple of times including in my first week so it is always a worry!

I was just wondering what medication you're on specifically and if you're seeing a consultant? It sounds like at the moment perhaps not much is being done to look at longer-term control and if it's 'just' steroids and montelukast there are other things which could be added; what works can vary between different people so it usually needs a bit of playing around, but if you've not yet been referred to a consultant I'd definitely say that was the next step! It might be worth ringing the adviceline in the New Year when they're back (number top left) and asking if they have any suggestions; I've always found them very helpful and practical as well as expert, and if there are aspects of your asthma which are not typical they are generally very good at understanding that and how it might make things more challenging.

Good luck! It is rubbish when asthma starts to become such a presence in your life isn't it?


Hello Philomela

Thank you for your response. Yes, I have seen a consultant but to be honest he is just concerned with keeping me on the straight and narrow by taking the prescribed medication. He can't really comment on why I keep getting a cold/chest infection any time there is one going round!

It is good that your work is supportive. Not all employers are so understanding.


Dear ZDC

Do not despair, I know it's difficult when poorly but with the proper meds and following your treatment plan you will have better days. I ve had asthma for the past 23 years and while there are going to be days when everything is gloomy don't lose hope because there are also days where you feel well and can do things to your heart 's content, so don't lose hope. Sending you lots of reassuring hugs. Have a pleasant evening. :)


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