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Asthma and Pain

Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate post, I wrote it this morning but not sure if I deleted it or it was referred, so Im rewriting it.

Does anyone else find that pain plays a big part in their asthma? Increasingly Im finding my chest and back are really painful, not just after acute attacks where I cough non stop for hours, but when the mere effort of breathing hard enough makes them hurt. Im on co-codamol and tramadol but they dont always cover it. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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Hi Sparky

I always have constant pains in my chest and back.

I don't know if it is asthma related but it is very difficult to cope with as painkillers dont work and the ones that do are too drowsy so I end up wasting my day just sleeping.

It is so difficult to live with but I manage to just distract myself all the time as painkillers dont work, also I am reluctant to take any more meds as the side effects af all the medication is playing havoc with my body and I can't function a normal life at all.

Thinking of you xx


Thankfully the painkillers do help a lot, but it can be hard to explain to some drs why I need them. Yesterday a junior wanted to put me on just paracetamol and I could tell he thought I was imagining the pain.


Hi Sparkly ,

For me, the pain is usually when my asthma is really bad with constant coughing and tight chest or chest infections and when my lungs are really inflamed and breathing painful. Usually that's the time for me to start my steroids and lots of reliever or nebs ....lol glynis


Glynis yes, thats when it used to be for me too. Unfortunately Im much worse now than I used to be so coughing, huffing and puffing and basically putting in an awful lot of effort to breath are now everyday occurances and the pain goes alongside them.


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