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Think i have phneumonia again

Hiya all.

I have had a dry tickly cough now for over 3 weeks. I have started taking my brown inhaler as soon as the cough started. ( I have cough variant asthma) I haven't needed to use it at all this year up until now. I do get Phneumonia once or twice a year and feels just like this but cant be certain so just wondering whether I need to see GP for the Phneumonia or the Asthma Nurse for the Asthma?? I only coughing when I'm cold or outside in the cold or laugh.

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hey vicky you're almost describing me exactly as well, although my cough is far more often than just going outside or laughing and i'm on 2 weeks rather than 3. I've decided i'm going to try and see the doctor tomorrow anyway (well i tried today but when i rang an hour after the phone lines opened all the appointments were gone)


Bless you. I'm going to see Doc tomorrow too. Will be another week or 2 before I can see the Asthma nurse so at least I can get it sorted asap. Let me know how you get on. Hope you are feeling better soon. X


2 weeks to see the asthma nurse? You're lucky!

When i rang in late September to book my annual review & flu jab for the end of october she was fully booked for the next 5 weeks!!!!

I have to hope when i ring tomorrow 20 minutes after the lines have opened that there are appts still available, in my surgery you can only ring from 8.30 on the day and sadly monday-thursday i'm busy till at least 8.50!


We have that system too jinglfairy but there is no way you would get an appointment 20 mins later. You have to start ringing at 8.25 and just keep going until you get through and if it takes too long you can still get nothing!


well i was very naughty this morning and left my (year 11 very sensible pupil) on her own for 5 minutes while i rang the doctor's at 8.30

Since then i've lost my voice completely so it was lucky i rang when i did


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