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Don't you just love the cold weather?!?!?!

Well this is the first time this winter i can say the weather has truly affected me :-( Each time i've gone out into the cold today i've felt my chest tighten, not TOO bad but enough for me to be aware of it and i've used my inhaler far more than normal today :-( I even used it immediately before my piano lesson which i usually try to avoid cos it normally makes my hands shake but no particularly noticeable shake today.

I even went running yesterday morning but didn't feel as bad as i do today :-s

I had my asthma review / flu jab last week and i told the nurse i'd been using my blue inhaler most days but only really once or maybe twice, even so she's doubled my Qvar at least for the winter but she did say it would take 2-3 weeks to fully feel the effect of the doubled dose.

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