Having problems after a cold

I'm having some problems after having a cold four weeks ago. Ever since the cold I've had a cough and pain in my chest, the nurse gave me antibioctics which seemed to help things but I still have a cough (not as bad), pain and am really breathless.

This is the worst my asthma has been - the dr doubled my seretide dose which doesn't seem to be having much impact, I am taking my blue inhaler at least once an hour and can't really walk anywhere (having to drive everywhere) as I get really breathless but not wheezy as such.

This has been going on for three weeks and I feel terrible, the dr said it would take time to improve but I'm finding it really difficult to cope with; does anyone have any advice?


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  • Hey and welcome,

    If your reliever is not being effective and you are uncomfy, my suggestion would be to seek medical help asap. I don't necessarily mean going to A&E, but if you ring 111 then they may be able to get you an out of hours GP appointment. It may *just* be a case of them giving you nebs there and a course of steroids or something to get things back under control.

    Sorry I cant be of more help, but don't leave it too long!


  • Hi Laura,

    thanks for responding so quickly, I saw the nurse last week and she made me feel like was making a fuss about nothing because I wasn't wheezing! so it helps to have some confirm this isn't normal, Thanks I will try the dr again and see how that goes.



  • Agh, how annoying :-(

    If its any help, I rarely wheeze and generally if I do I see myself at *too well* to do anything about it. So I do wheeze but at my daily level of *good* control! Its so frustrating when you get the ""no wheeze, no asthma"" thing. The doctors at my surgery are like this, but the advanced nurse always comments on lack of air movement, which worries her more than a wheeze!

    I'd definitely go back if I were you, or even do something about it today :-)


  • Hi and welcome! Youll see quite a few of us here rarely wheee, and drs arent meant to use wheeze or lack of it as a main criteria! Do seek further advice. If this is the worst youve been then you may well respond quickly to a short sharp course of steroids and be feeling better within 24hrs or so. All the best x

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