Sulphite Allergy


I haven't posted on here for a long time. Hope you are all well.

So I have found out that one of my main triggers for asthma is sulphites. These are preservatives in foods mainly.

Does anyone else have this as a trigger? Would anyone be able to tell me exactly what I can't have? I seem to be getting different advice from different sources. I'm particularly interested in whether or not I can have the coloring 'caramel' and which types of caramel I can have. I was under the impression that Cocacola contains Sulphite ammonia caramel (E150d) but when I contacted them to ask if any of their products contained sulphites I was told that none of them do.

Take Care x

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  • I can't drink red wines as they have sulphites in (not a problem food wise as I'm tube fed) and wreak havoc with my asthma

  • Most wines have sulphites in and I find this sets me off. I have also heard that a lot of processed meat has sulphites (you might wanna check this). also dried fruit or a lot of jarred things like Jam. If you look on food it will tell you if there are sulphites in or not. Like mik or nuts, it will appear on the ""allergy information"" part of any food labels.

    so basically just try and eat as fresh as you can.

  • Nurse Furby, if you don't mind me asking, why are you tube fed?

  • long and complicated LOL Unigirl. Combination of severe eating difficulties (NOT psychological) due to severe kyphoscoliosis, (I have lost 5 inches of trunk length, so internal organs are extremely squashed) and refractory LRTI's because of aspiration pneumonia, which made my BMI go down to 14.. I looked horrific and malnutrition wasnt helping me infection wise. Also concerns about cachexia secondary to chronic restrictive and obstructive lung disease. - My BMI is still below a healthy norm and I am still thin, but look a ton better!

  • Allergy uk have a good list of foods containing sulphites.

    It can be a trigger for me - it depends how inflamed my lungs are.


  • Wow nursefurby, that was complicated. I had to look all of those terms up!! Sounds like a horrible combination.

  • I know.. and now they think I have secondary adrenal insufficiency too. Thought about auctioning my body on eBay and getting a new one! haha ;)

  • Oh no I hope not!! Ha if we could do that we'd all be on there for new lungs... a girl can dream.

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