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Not again - Prednisolone increased

I have been suffering terribly this week with asthma and hay fever and have been using up to 28 puffs Bricanyl inhaler (reliever) a day and up to 10 nebs using Atrovent and Bricanyl nebules a day. My Prednisolone has been increased on Saturday to 40mg, bang goes my Prednisolone reduction for a while, it is so annoying because I had got down to 20mg. I guess my respiratory consultant thought it was the only option to left open to me especially as the weather is due to get even hotter next week.

How on earth they expect me to get down to 15mg ready for the next stage of the Prednisolone reduction, my admittance date which was supposed to have been next week but got postponed until beginning of next month, goodness knows, with the instructions I have been given, it will be nearer the end of August or beginning of September.

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Lots of hugs asthmagirl. How very frustrating for you.

I hope the increase pred settles the lungs and you can drop back down again soon.


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