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Really fed up

I am having a terrible day, hay fever not helping and lungs flaring big time, I have used my Bricanyl reliever 18 times and have used my nebuliser 8 times using Atrovent and Bricanyl nebules each time, unfortunately nebs only helping for approx 2 to 3 hours. My oxygen sats 88. Pulse 110. Peak flow this morning was 250 (my personal best peak flow is 350). Gradually I have seen my peak flow drop to 80. I am following my action plan laid out by my consultant.

I spoke to my GP today but he advised that the next step would be to increase the Prednisolone but is very reluctant to do that because of my steroid wean and I am due to be admitted to hospital sometime next month to try and reduce the steroids down to 10mg or even 7mg but my consultant not too optimistic about me getting to the latter.

I am so fed up of struggling to breathe today and I am really hoping I can avoid the little green men.

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Asthmagirl, I reckon you should call that dreaded 999 number tbh!! If 8 lots of nebs regardless of the other stuff hasn't helped then I reckon other stuff is needed!!

As you know I am a severe brittle un (cos youve helped me!), I've been told that 50% is my limit, though my team agree that 30% and not improving is that deffo time!! Well given the advice I have, which is different to the auk guidelines I've worked out you're at 22% - so even if you were following my guidelines you need help!! The sooner it gotten, the (hopefully) shorter the admission?!

Sorry, I am sure you hate me!!


Laura x


I think you are probably right looks like another trip for me to the delights of A&E.

There have been rumblings from other doctors have I have brittle asthma but this was confirmed on Monday by my consultant, although he did seem fairly confident that this can be reversed at some stage.


Hoping you feel better soon. Definitely sounds like time to get help to me too. Sorry you are having such a rough time and hoping you get home and don't get captured it you call for help.


Better to get help sooner rather than later me thinks!! I don't necessarily listen to my own advice, but think in your position I'd get help - nebs etc not working. I currently won't have an a home neb and know how much wriggle room I have - a neb would make me dangerous I think given how far I live from hosp.

The brittle asthma diagnosis is not pleasant and if it looks as though there is some reversabity in this then all the more reason to get help?! My cons seems pretty certain my diagnosis is a lifetime one and its just something we need to manage - hope there is some achievable level of control long term though even if there are times where control is genuinely impossible.!

Are yo any better now? Please don't leave it too long - definite benefits of getting help sooner rather than later!

*hugs* Laura x


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