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Feline asthma

I was diagnosed with small airways disease, a type of asthma, last December and I've been on Qvar 100 for that since which seems to help. I've not found much information about small airways disease on the net except it says it happens with COPD (I don't have that) and industrial pollutants like asbestos (I don't have that). Imagine my surprise when doing one of my searches when I came across a website about feline asthma which is also described as small airways disease. Our cat was diagnosed with asthma and treated with prednisolone. When I asked the vet how a cat could get asthma he said ""pollution"" and when I asked the respiratory consultant how I got small airways disease asthma he said ""pollution"". I was kind of amused, probably not the right word, to read on this feline asthma website the exact same kind of words my respiratory doc used about my lungs are used to describe cats' lungs with asthma: ""air trapping"" and ""over-inflated lungs"". Our cat has passed on now, but I see from this website that these days cats can be given inhaled steroids with an MDI and a special cat spacer, see photos towards the end of the page: :-)


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I once watched an animal program on TV, and they were giving birds ventolin through a modified volumatic, I think they were swans/geese or something who were wheezing!


I knew cats could get asthma cos my dancng teacher was telling me about her asthmatic cat (i think it was possibly after one of my own 'episodes' and we were having a mini-break before i started dancing again). She said initially she had to use a cut-off plastic bottle as a spacer until she got a proper cat one and she had a standard human inhaler to administer to him


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