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My Return (hello)

Hello Guys.

Been somewhat a hell of a long time since was last on here. I do hope you are keeping well and looking after yourselves. What brings me back...My asthma!! and for unknown reasons has worsened the last 10/12 months and in all honesty its quite annoying as it has been pretty well controlled until recently, i have had a few colds but nothing major, so whether this has made my asthma worse its possible. Back last year i was only using seretide 50 1xpuff twice daily and seldom used my preventor, by about june/july was using preventor about 4x's a day, so i took myself along to doctors and said after being pretty controlled this was out of the ordinary for me. Over course of about 6 weeks its just kept on getting worse then was put on seretide 125 2x puffs twice daily. Anyhow cutting the story short, asthma has become worse and allergies i had as a child decided to jump up and say hello! too, im now taking:

seretide - 250 2 puffs twice daily

Atrovent - 2 puffs 4xdaily

Singular - 1 at night


Fexofenadine - 120mg

Avamys - 27.5mg

I just wish i knew why it has flared up, old age my friend said :o) Righttttt i replied lol. I absolutely miss my cycling but thats a nono at present, not even attempting swimming either at mo. I have appointment again in a few weeks with asthma nurse who is fantastic and understanding, i did break down in tears in front of her and felt completely stupid. I'm still trying to rack my brains as to why my asthma has become worse but yet no answers. If anyone does have an answer then please do share, would be greatly appreciated.

Jackie x x

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You poor thing, I do hope you start to feel better soon.


I'm new compared to you, but I wanted to say ""Welcome Back"", though I wish your return were only to say ""hi"" and not because of problems.

I think sometimes it just happens that way. I've found over the years asthma goes in phases sometimes causing more problems and sometimes causing less or none at all. I do hope things clear up for you soon and you can go back to asthma not being an active concern.

May you feel better soon!


o no I do hope you start to feel better soon


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