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It's enough! (new here)

Hi there,

I already apology for my poor english. I'm a french speaking guy from Québec (Canada) and I end up on your board because is the only active and interesting one I found about asthma.

I'm a 23 year old, severe asthmatic since I was 2 and in the last year it got worse. Until last summer, even if I'm experiencing symptoms all day long, it has been a long time since my last bad attack. In august last year, I got a very bad attack but it was rapidly controlled and I ended up just a couple of day at the hospital. In November, it continue to worsen. In addition of my asthma, this time I got the Influenza and a pneumonia. After a night on the BPAP and two weeks at the hospital, i can finally go home. In march this year, I got a REALLY bad one. A status asthmaticus. I needed to be intubate 2 times, passed 5 days on the ventilator and ended up in ICU. The ICU doctor said it almost killed me. I was released from the hospital 10 days after my admission. 20 days after I come back home, I had an other status asthmaticus. Needed to be intubate again, 24h on the ventilator and 3 days in ICU. I was released the Monday night and I had an appointment with my pneumologist the Tuesday.

When I saw my pneumologist, we had an confrontation about my medication. She finished the appointment by saying that I'm taking my Ventolin for ""psychological comfort"". She also wanted to reduce all my medication. I also did a monologue about how I'm unable to perceive my dyspnea and, although she was humming all the time, she doesn't listen to me. She always cut me in my explanations to try to propose another reduction of my meds.

At this time I take

-Atrovent, 2 puffs, 4x/day

-Seretide 250, 2 puffs, 2x/day

-Ventolin, 2 puffs, PRN, max 4x/day

-Prednisone, was on 50mg but I taper to 25mg tomorrow morning

-If my PF got down or I used too much Ventolin (more than 4x/week), I bolus with Flixotide 250, 1 puff, 2x/day for 3-4 weeks

-If the Flixotide bolus is not enough, I bolus with Prednisone, 50mg for 10 days, then 30mg for 5 days

Even with all this, I still feel short of breath and I feel my chest tight.

I'm sick of all this crap. My asthma is shutting down all my projects and need to find a solution before the next big attack.

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