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Fed up and tired.....any advice?

Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of trouble with controlling my asthma. I've been on this rollercoaster for 3 months now and it's just so tiring. I've had my meds changed 4 times and i'm now on the Symbicort 200/6 which is knocking me about a bit (i've only been on it a week!).

I've noticed, however that when I play sports, I dry haeve quite a lot - about 2-3 times. It feels truly awful and I can just feel it coming on :(

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced it or knows how to control it.

Many Thanks

p.s - I hope the cold and wintery weather isn't causing anyone too much hastle ;)

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well, it sounds like your asthma is still not well controlled, although i guess you already knew that! i guess it takes time to work out whether the Symbicort is working, so fingers crossed it'll do the trick!

I assume you take your inhaler before you exercise, and warm up slowly and stuff! My cons suggested that if i feel like i might be able to try to do some exercise (not much chance of that atm) then i should do ten puffs before hand, this obvs isnt something you can just do, but it might be worth asking if you should take more than just two puffs (i went 2, 4, 10 with my cons) Exercise can really help asthma, so it will hopefully be something the GP/cons you are under will be keen to help you do! :-)


Don't know about the dry heave thing sorry. 4 med changes in 3 months doesn't sound like each med has been given much of a chance to do it's thing begore being changed, unless you reacted badly to some so not able to take it for long. I hope you settle down a bit on the symbicort.


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