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What nourishments do you take out with a without gluten consume less calories?

I'm pretty certain I've got a gluten affect-ability, yet am unsure what to take out. I move toward examining this with my doc soon, yet simply needed a general thought before going in. Much appreciated!


gluten free diet benefits skin

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Hi Jeni,

I am on a gluten free diet.

I live on rice cakes!! Boring but low calorie and these days you can get flavoured ones too but read the ingredients first as some do still contain gluten!!

Then of course the obvious fruit and veg sticks kind of thing.x


Hi there, I have coeliac disease, and a gluten free diet does not need to be boring!! As long as you are willing to cook at home, it really doesn't make much difference these days, as there are so many gf alternatives to soy sauce, vinegar, worcester sauce, pasta etc... Coeliac UK do a great book of gluten free goods which is updated regularly.

BUT PLEASE do not go gluten free before consulting with your doctor and getting the required tests. Going gluten free before being tested can severely affect the outcome of the tests, especially if you have gut biopsies (which is usual to confirm a diagnosis). This is because when you remove gluten from the diet, the villi in the gut start repairing, and this will give a false negative.

Lynda :)


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