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asthma and farm school trip

My 10 year old is going on a week long school trip to a farm, they will be grooming ponies and horses and I am worried this could trigger an asthma attack. She has had contact with horses in the past and she was fine, but this time they will be brushing/grooming, should I request that she's not allowed to do this, or perhaps equip her with a mask? Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi earwig,

Is there a stables near to you where they could go and maybe groom a horse and see how it goes?

Just a thought :-)


i dont really know what to advice as to whether you let her take part or not. If her asthma is reasonably easy to get under control when she starts then it might be worth just asking the teacher to keep an eye on her, its always a shame to miss out on things. but you could try asking her to have her blue inhaler before they start grooming, and if its cold there which at this time of year it might be, she could quite easily just have a scarf around her mouth that wouldnt look too different, but would protect her, and if she's not reacted in the past i would have expected that to be enough. make sure her teachers know what to do if she has an attack, and make sure your daughter knows to tell them if she starts to struggle (its tempting to carry on the activity you enjoy until you really cant)


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