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Wind- the weather kind! :P

Hi, hope everyone's ok :)

I was just wondering if wind can affect asthma. We've been having very strong winds for the past few days (as in so strong it blew me backwards when I walked into it!) and the cough that had just decided to leave has returned with a vengeance! Despite the wind it's not that cold so it can't be the temperature that's getting to me. Is it possible for wind to be a trigger?

Thanks :)

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I find a strong wind can as the saying gies, ""take my breath away"".

It leaves me coughing and gasping which then triggers asthma symptoms for me.



I don't know if it's the wind bringing along more dust, allergens and triggers, but strong winds do often make my lungs struggle, especially when there's pollen around.


Wind always bothers me...I think it blows all the allergens around!


Wind blowing in my face on a rainy day - definitely a trigger.


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