Wind- the weather kind! :P

Hi, hope everyone's ok :)

I was just wondering if wind can affect asthma. We've been having very strong winds for the past few days (as in so strong it blew me backwards when I walked into it!) and the cough that had just decided to leave has returned with a vengeance! Despite the wind it's not that cold so it can't be the temperature that's getting to me. Is it possible for wind to be a trigger?

Thanks :)

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  • Hello!

    I find a strong wind can as the saying gies, ""take my breath away"".

    It leaves me coughing and gasping which then triggers asthma symptoms for me.


  • I don't know if it's the wind bringing along more dust, allergens and triggers, but strong winds do often make my lungs struggle, especially when there's pollen around.

  • Wind always bothers me...I think it blows all the allergens around!

  • Wind blowing in my face on a rainy day - definitely a trigger.

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