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Hey all,

Bit of a beware! I went to see my gp today but saw someone new, and the advice i wears given shocked me.

I went with suspected tonsillitis but was worried that it might spread and affect my chest as I haven't been well over the festive period (had a holiday to costa and now on 60mgs pred) he did my pf which was 250 ( my best is 420) then listened to chest and said that it was fine apart from a few crackles and then confirmed that I did have tonsillitis. He then asked me what I wanted from him, so I explained that if it was appropriate could I have antibiotics before the infection got hold...he agreed to antibiotics but then asked what kind I wanted so I just said whatever is most appropriate and say looking at me for a bit before he realised he had to decide! So I then asked bout reducing the pred and he said to just drop to 10mgs tomorrow...I was gobsmaked!! I did suggest that it might a bit risky to drop pred like that and he seemed surprised at my reaction, se he then said drop to 50mgs instead which is fine but doesn't alter the fact that my pf is slowly dropping and I have an infection on board! Maybe I will wait till I see the consultant on Monday.



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Hi Becca

sorry to hear you too are struggling at the mo...

I would agree that this GP sounds rather gormless and such a drop in pred does sound risky at the mo for you. It would maybe be a better idea to wait for cons appointment on monday?

However Im not kedically trained so would suggest you maybe dscuss it with an asthma nurse? Number at top of page.

I do hope things improve for you soon. Let us know how you get on.

Rose xx


oh my word... gormless? you're being too kind... good to hear you are seeing the consultant soon! Hope you feel better soon x


Well I have made the executive decision to remain on high dose pred till I see the consultant!

Thanks I hope the consultant will be a bit more switched's a new consultant, in a new hospital ( I've moved recently) so fingers crossed.

I've had such a productive afternoon, lying in bed watching Harry potter with popcorn and a bit of napping thrown in :)


Becca x


Sounds like a nice afternoon.

I think you've made a sound decision to stay on 60mg. Dropping the dose seems a litlle bonkers to me when your pf is about 60%, can't belive the GP suggested a drop let alone down to 10mg.

Sounds like a nice afternoon. I hope the infection doesn't get into the chest. Take care x


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