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Please read - recent spam posts

Hello everyone.

You've no doubt noticed that we've had a spate of spam advertising posts here recently. I've made some changes behind-the-scenes that I hope will stop them, but there is a small possibility that I've accidentally blocked access for genuine members too!

If you find you can't log in to the forum because it says ""your IP address is blocked"", please email and I'll sort it out as soon as I can. Hopefully, though, no-one but the spammers will be affected.

Take care all,


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The Spam has got really bad recently, thank goodness you can now remove the whole posts rather than the contents..

Thank you to the spam killers!



Afternoon all!

There has been another spate of automated spam posts. Some tweaks have happened so these should be stopped. However, some genuine posts may be caught up in these measures so please bear with us and they will get approved. Email if you have any problems.

Thanks for the reports.

Have a good weekend everyone and hope lungs are behaving


Spamalot has hit again!


I am still awaiting approval for a link to my post....Asthma & Inhalers

How long does it take to click on my link, do a 30 second survey, and see that I am genuinely asking for feedback on an asthma related topic?!

Obviously it must take days....


Spamalot is at it again!!!!!


Some serious spam posting going on tonight !!!


Thanks Kate and lil tinx, tonight especially has been busy spam fighting too. The responsible posters have swiftly been banned and I have started removing posts. Will recommence tomorrow. We will look at more measures to minimise this.

Can I please ask as a reminder for all and so newer members are aware to report posts? This is at the bottom of every post and comes up on hovering over or clicking anywhere in that post. It ensures moderators and Asthma UK are notified even when not on the forum.


Hi there's (at least) two spam posts today. Is there a report function?


Cici there up should be a red flag with report at the bottom right of each post!


Not that I can see when using my iPad. And there's yet another spam post.


Thanks Cici,

There is indeed a report function as Soph says. On the iPad and other mobile devices, you may need to go the full site rather than the mobile. Then if you don't see a small red flag in the corner below your signature line, hover/click and it will appear.

That spam's dealt with now.



how do you report a scam



Hello Lola,

thanks for your post. As mentioned above, for anyone not sure how to report posts (once logged in), on a computer it can be done by hovering over the particular post and a report icon with a red flag will appear in a bottom corner. I think this can be done on mobile device browsers too but if not, should be able to by using the full desktop option.


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