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Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension

Helloooo and a happy new year to all,

Just wondering if anyone else has the above condition. Was told I probably had it at the beginning of December and they tried and failed to do a lumbar puncture on 18th but succeeded today and my pressure was 27 when should be 12 so they think this is what is causing my sight loss and visual disturbances. The neurologist said (despite it being idiopathic)that it is due to my 'overuse of steroids' and that one quick solution would be to 'just stop taking them'. Being as I only take pred for the funn of it I couldn't agree more!!!

If anyone else has been told this wonderful news would be grateful for some idea of what to expect as not seeing neurologist till end of February.

ta Nic xx

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Hi nic,

Unfortunately I have nothing useful to say but just wanted to say that I hope it gets sorted and they can come up with something better than 'just stop the pred'!

Like you say, you don't take pred for fun!!!

Take care x


Thank you,

There are lots of different treatments from medication to surgery.

Was just starting to think that i was fixed with the new treatment having kept me and my lungs out of hospital for 3 whole months now. Oh well, better than the second diagnosis she was going to look at which was MS.

Hope 2013 is a good year for you xx


I don't have much useful to add either but since I'm here thought I'd stop by and say hi, happy 2013!

Glad you have a new treatment lung-wise, hope you can get a solution to this and glad it seems like there are plenty of options. And don't get me started on what some neurologists are like - yes, pred is so much fun!


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