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im new

Hello there, im new today and i was just wondering if anyone had any advice. I have been an asthmatic for nearly 30 years and it is well under control with seretide and ventolin. I have had a chest infection since before Christmas, i was given Prednisalone and a course of Penicillin. which helped a bit, but i am still coughing the old green stuff up. and coughing is worse when lying down. Ive tried all cough remedies, even honey, vinegar and leom in hot water. Nothing seems to help. I sound like my voice is going, which is a worry as i am singing in a panto in a couple of weeks time and woulkd love it better by then.

Happy New Year to all of you, and i am looking foreward to being part of the forum.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

so sorry to hsar that youre having rather a rough time at the moment. from your description (green gunk...) it sounds to me like youve still got that chest infection. i would advise you to see your gp again asap for another course of pred and antibiotics.

i hope you start to feel better soon and that you find the website and forums useful and supportive. let us know how you get on

Rose xx


Hi, I would agree that if you're coughing up green gunk it does still sound like there is some infection lingering. How soon can you get back to your GP?

Welcome to the forum :-) I am new too, but even so I've already found it very helpful and supportive x


Welcome. Urgh, the dreaded chest infection. I can only echo what has already been said. It seems like you have an infection still and need to get to GP asap. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Hi Curly locks,

Im newbie too :)

I always find a bit of steam helps to loosen and relax me in the early hours of the morning! Sometimes I use olbas oil (although this wont agree with everyone)

I had an infection in novemeber and I pushed on all through xmas instead of looking after myself which resulted in an attack - so its important to rest up - saying that though, walking helps alot too (but protect yourself from the cold).

Hope you get rid of it in time for panto :)


Hi there and welcome, seems as though you have some sound advice already, so just stopping to say hi!

Hope you get on the mend in time for the panto, what are you performing in?


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