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Going home for christmas please help

My parents have cats (my trigger) and whilst living at home I had some tolerance to it I guess. But since moving out going home is a nightmare, for a few days before going I take my seretide 250, nasal spray, both drowsy and non drowsy antihistamines, i might as well have taken nothing. What can I do to avoid my christmas being ruined by allergies??? Does anybody know if a GP could give me something stronger to take just on days I am visiting home or do stronger things need to build up over time? I am new to the forum but its really nice to know people are out there and any advice would be appreciated!

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my advice would be three fold. first talk to your family to ask if the cat could maybe stay only in certain rooms and certainly not in your bedroom. we jave a cat but he always stays out in the garden. we feed him and he seems happy with the arrangements. also ask them if they could wash any bedding etc that the cat has recently been in contact with. to keep the rooms well aired.

secondly maybe talk to your chemists about what other medication might be available over the counter.

also do ask your doctor what else might be done. although i cant answer that one myself ;-)

i do hope you enjoy christmas despite the allergies. all the best.




Im allergic to cats and found when visiting a friend who hqs 3 that normal over the counter antihistamines didn't help.

I was put on montelukast about a year ago and I can now visit my friend symptom free!!


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