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to take son to gp or not


Just looking for some advice. my little lad who's 5 was finally diagnosed asthma after countless asthma attacks requiring hospitalisation. Anyway he is not very good at vocalising symptoms etc the past week ive noticed a change in his voice, kind of gravely like his throat or something is irritated. he has no other signs of illness such as high temp etc just a bit of a cough and seems to be getting up during the night again. I measure his peak flow at home using a digital meter using eu scale. its detecting the cough and readings also have a colour code system (red/amber/green) and he's been bouncing between green (good) and amber (not so good) now he blew a reading of 143 (green) but his fev1 reading was 0.84 which is lower than usual so he's obvz struggling to empty air from his lungs as well as usual. I have asthma sense app on my iphone which currently puts his asthma as been poorly controlled despite him having his prevernter inhaler as prescribed. if I give him his blue inhaler (as needed med) his fev1 and peak flow do improve which is good. cant have his 2nd flu jab until he is well either. but he isnt too good on recognising when he is struggling, usually he is having a severe asthma attack before things are really noticable and even then he doesnt complain bless him. Anyway going on the info would it be a good idea to take him to see the gp on Monday to get his symptoms checked or am I being a tad over cautious??

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in my personal opinion, with a 5yo who has required hospitalisation for asthma attacks i would always err on the side of caution, tell the doc what you've put on here - that you just dont know whats going on with him, and he'll know that you're not just being paranoid, just a protective mum, as they all should be! better safe than sorry. as he gets older, and you get more used to his asthma, it'll probably get much easier to work out whats going on! also, i would take the fact that he improves after his inhaler to mean that he needed his inhaler, and therefore his lungs were feeling a bit cross, so that may be a sign that he's struggling! goodluck, hope he feels better soon!


Sounds like he's struggling quite a bit. I would be taking him to see the GP before you end up having to go to hospital/OOH. I hope he improves soon.


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