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So...slightly confused here re Atrovent. Anyone else on it and have experience/opinion/things they've been told on how often you can/should take it?

I'm taking it as a reliever atm as directed by GP and now former cons at St Mary's- he said Ventolin might be adding to problems as I was using it a lot (apparently it releases inflammatory mediators, can be an issue if you use it lots) so try just using Atrovent, no issues with using that a lot.

Was at RBH on Wed and he said 'well, we don't have data on younger people using Atrovent for asthma but in older people with COPD we found there's no effect after 8 puffs so no point in taking more, and your 10 puffs etc won't be helping'.

BUT it does seem to still help even in the evening of a bad day! I know I do have the breathing pattern issue caused by the asthma (but have moderate asthma confirmed, finally - relief that I don't have the 'is it/isn't it?' anymore). But I'm now aware of that and for a while I've been waiting for a bit before I reach for my inhaler, and now doing breathing exercises to see if that helps (it's when I struggle to breathe OUT that I figure I need inhaler). However if it's a bad day or a trigger I usually do need the inhaler and have found, even in the evening after a fair number of puffs, that Atrovent still helps.

Anyone else had this or am I the only one using Atrovent like Ventolin? Even if I'm not seeing him anymore I do trust my old cons on this as he is an expert, and I know RBH also respects his opinion even if they have a slightly different approach, so it's a bit confusing to have 2 different expert opinions on this. (I can see why they didn't like me seeing 2 people at different places but I'd have thought this would be something they'd agree on).

Am now using Ventolin alongside Atrovent again but would be nice to know what to do with it...

NB edited for clarity and to cut down ramble a bit ;)

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My mil had COPD and I remember she was on atrovent and she was always puffing away on it, whether it worked is another thing, but she must have felt it did.


hello! when I was first given atrovent many years ago I was told to take 2 puffs 4 times a day alongside ventolin, but I now take 2 puufs twice a day but I can take it more often if I need to, I use it more to prevent symptoms, although when I am given nebulizers they usually give me both so as far as I'm aware it takes a bit longer to kick in which is why it is used as a releiver alongside ventolin. But if I was you I would probably follow the advice from rbh. or maybe try calling the advice line.



Thanks! Think I will ring the adviceline, was just wondering what others' experiences were or if I was the only one finding it fairly effective even taking more.

My resp physio at RBH didn't seem to find it odd me taking it as a reliever and said 'well if it works'. As I'm seeing them now I do want to pay attention to what they say obviously, but this is just a bit confusing and doesn't quite seem to fit with my experience as well as what I've been told before. tbh everyone seems to have a different opinion on Atrovent!


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