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Is this part of CVA? or is it not asthma?

Hi everyone,

I've had cough variant asthma since I was 1 (or maybe birth) and it has got better and worse in that time. Sometimes when I was younger it was accompanied by some wheezing but this stopped by the time I was about 10.

I'm in my early 20s now and have had a few coughing-fit sort-of attacks this year, where I felt I couldn't breathe out without coughing. The thing is my cough is very deep, whereas I think my asthma cough used to be more high pitched.

Do you think this sounds like asthma? or something else?


ps. My peak flow varies widely and some days I need lots of reliever but I sometimes go for months almost entirely symptom free.

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Elle, when my asthma isn`t too bad I cough from my throat

but when it is bad the cough comes from much deeper down and I describe the cough more as a deep bark


Thanks Joan. Yes it's completely like a bark and feels like my whole chest is involved in it so I guess I'll carry on treating it as asthma! xx


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