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New Asthma Inhaler Design Project

<research requests (even for an A-level project) must be approved by Asthma UK before posting - as per the message board terms and conditions>

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good idea, but althou i find it hard when people cant look my way when i take my inhaler. dont think casing would change how i feel when i take it in public. defently good idea for younger people. im 22 and if people wana look awkward and look away just cuz im taking my medication well thats there problem. its not the casing that bothers me its the bloody spacer lol but a few seconds of looking silly with spacer on inhaler in middle of street is worth the difference it makes compared to inhaler alone


i like the ones with the reading on them so u no when geting low also better spacers would be good

Always use my spacer with ventolin it is so much better always carry it with me no matter what



counters are really gd yes


oh yes i'd love a counter on my reliever inhaler - i write down my preventer doses cos i just do them when i get up & go to bed but it's less easy to keep track of reliever, especially cos i don't always use the same one - i have one by my bed, one in my handbag and another in the car


1) Would you want to buy a alternative casing for your inhaler? and if yes how much would you want to spend on it?

No, I wouldnt. I dont see the point - everyone knows its an inhaler, and that its for asthma, no casing will change that.. Im not conscious about using mine, tho I was as a child. Different casing wouldn't have made the slightest difference, the issue was that *I* felt different because I had asthma and the others didnt.

2) Do you like the design of the current metered does inhaler?

I dont have any issues with it. I dont feel the need for a counter, as I can hear when its getting empty, and always have one spare. When I open the spare, I order another inhaler. They are easy to clean and do what they are designed to do..

Lynda :)


I don't see the point of changing inhaler cases, though maybe for younger kids, having an interesting case, may help. However I can't answer that as I have only been diagnosed in my thirties.

I like the idea of a counter, especially for newly diagnosed, I'm unsure when its empty. Though I note when I use my ventolin in a small notebook.


I wouldn't buy a new casing for my inhaler as I don't really have any problems with it, except for the sharp corners on the mouthpiece cover catching on things and tearing holes in my pockets. Good luck with the project though, might be good for younger people.


This might be usefull.


I'd agree with the counter, I love having one on my symbicort.

ALso, something I though of whilst at the gym, it ould be useful to have something on the case that you could attach attach a clip to, or thread an armband through. Kind of like what the Ipod nano has, or like the gap on phones for phone charms.


Been away for the weekend, so I'm a little late to the party here.

Sorry Ainsley, but any and all research requests must be approved by Asthma UK before they can be posted here (even for an A-level project) to ensure that they don't clash with paid-for research that is already being carried out by/on behalf of Asthma UK. You can drop a line to with the details of your request if you'd like them to consider it. If it is approved I can undelete the original post in this thread.


The cosmetic's or perception of Inhalers is obviously a side issue to well controlled asthma. I find I have advided situations as I know I may need to use the Inhaler at some point. I oftem wonder how it has effected relationships. I now 50 so welll over any embarressment, but in the early days I hid both my Asthma and Medications in all Public, Social or Work as it not well understood my Non Asmatics and is still percived as some sort of characther weakness, rather than an illness.


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