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what to do next?

I currently have a poorly 4 yr old girl with allergy asthma. She has been put on pred + last night was a major improvement but today not so good + now, having a rough night with persistant coughing again + blue not seeming to work. Feeling helpless + worried as what can they do for her now. It feels she has got cold now today but she has been poorly for 2 wks. What will they or what can they do for her at a + e? did the nebuliser thing the other night + night after, dr refused to give it saying it was viral cough + her oxygen levels are good. what can be done? what will they do to her if take her again?

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If the blue inhaler isn't helping take her to a and e asap- don't wait until the morning!!

Good luck


try to see an asthma nusrse if it gets that bad call for the men in green 999 . mat


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