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Feeling rough!

Hi all - only posted a few times so apologies if it goes wrong! Hope everyone is well! :)

I started Uni last week and 'freshers flu' has hit me - now have a really bad cold which has now resulted in my asthma playing up.

Went to the doctors today and have been told have bad chest infection and on Amoxcillin and Steroids for a week, however I've had so many courses of both of these I feel as though I have an immunity to them.

Today has by far been the worst (came home from Uni to see my own doctor who knows me!) and have found that 10 minutes after my Nebuliser I'm feeling as though I need another one as can barely breathe. Having nebulisers every 2 hours (doctor recommended) and still feeling awful.

Sory for the moan just fed up of having to miss Uni in my first few weeks! Anyone suffering at the moment and have any advice on how to breathe?! Also, when would you go to A&E? Might sound stupid but I just don't want to waste their time!

Thanks :) Ellie xx

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Hey Ellie

Welcome to the forum

From past experience I would suggest a visit to A&E to see if there is anything else they could do especially as you feel that Amoxicillin and Steroids are not helping, I'm sure the steroids are helping but I know how you feel about Amoxicillin not working as it no longer works for me when I have a chest infection so on doxycycline now which seems to be working.

Just to mention - when it comes to asthma and breathing - you are not wasting anyone's time!!

Hope this has helped a little

Hope you get sorted soon

Take Care




HI Ellie,

I too have a chest infection at the moment. I was on Amoxycillian and steroids but not getting any better. Had trip to Gp today and been changed to Clarythromycin 500mg. As well as Nebs. Got an appointment to see chest specialist on monday and been given strict orders if nebs not lasting 4 hours i need to go to A&E.

If you don't feel your getting any better I'd follow Nimz's advice and go to A&E as its important to get help sooner rather than later.



Hi Ellie,

I also have a chest infection at the moment I am on Claithromycin, I also have been told that if I have to use my nebuliser every 2 hours then get to A & E.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


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