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Exercising and weight loss- So frusterated!

Hi all,

So I've been trying to exercise more this year, which was a crazy long process as I have psoriatic arthritis which has been out of control until very recently, when that's O.K. the asthma is flaring, and when those are O.K. I'm just really really fatigued. So, I can now use a recliner exerciser (good for the arthritis) about 24 min. twice a week.

But then due to the arthritis and asthma, I've also been on pred. for 1/3 of the last year. And then of course find the whole thing a bit depressing. So long story short, I could really use to lose some weight, but I'm not sure what to do any more!

I try to walk, take stairs, etc. as much as possible while I'm out, but have to tone it back on days where I'm extra tired. I also try to do sensible things like only calorie free drinks, eating fruit, and eating slowly.

But I was wondering if anyone else struggles with this? I do think some of the medicines I'm on, along with my activity restrictions, just make this more difficult than normal. So I feel caught between a rock and a hard place, with wanting to be healthier with my weight, but also knowing that sometimes easy comfort in something sweet, that is very accesible when many other things (like a walk in the woods or long periods of time out with friends) are not due to my lack of energy.

Oh, also, I'm not really clear on when not to exercise, as I feel like I should alway try as if I gave up every time something bothered me, which is every day basically, I would never exercise. But on Mon. I exercised and was quite uncomfortable and had trouble breathing. Today was better, but I did cough for about 30 min. afterwards. How do you exercise with your asthma, and when do you stop?


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Hi, not sure if I can be of any help, as I've just been diagnosised, though still need further tests before a 'proper' diagnoses will be given.

I went swimming to aid my fitness, prior to the initial GP visit. I was told to take my reliever prior to exercising and afterwards if need be.

Sorry if this is not much help. But don't over do it, take as many rests as needed.


Hi Beethere, good to see you on here again though shame about the reason!

I can get what you mean about the exercise. I don't have the other issues with pred and arthritis but I do find it really difficult to exercise properly - and at all regularly, because I also find it even harder if lungs are misbehaving at all and if I have a cold or anything find it's best not.

I've been sent to a physio (again...) because they said I was breathing badly during exercise and that was why. I can go with that, though I'm also hoping to get some tips about how to manage the asthma aspect as I don't think it's all hyperventilation while exercising with me - I know that exercise is one of my triggers as well. If I manage to get some tips I'll let you know (it was all about the 'upper airways' issues the first time - helpful but I did want to know about lower airways too...).

Or is there anyone there who can do similar with you, work on exercise and show you how to do it? I don't know how the American system works but there must be someone who does that sort of thing with asthmatics and people with arthritis - could you ask your doctor? They should be very keen on you wanting to exercise if they're anything like mine!


I have just lost 2 1/2 lbs in 10 days by walking with a pedometer. I started off with 2000 steps a day and increased it in the second week to 3000. I only wear my pedometer when I go out walking and managed to walk everyday. Tried 4000 this week and I can't manage that yet. I am so pleased to lose this much as my weight has been stubborn during my latest flare up and creeping up. Also, I have just turned 50 so it just doesn't want to come off!! Walking daily has also helped with my willpower to avoid unhealthy food.

I have an induction at the gym tomorrow and will also have limitless use of the pool so fingers crossed my lungs will let me do it!!


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