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PE at School

Just want to voice my concern about asthmatic children and PE at school. I read last week about a 12 year old dying after an asthma attack following a rugby lesson (poor little chap's first week at secondary school). There were few details in the newspaper story and I have to say no blame was attached to the school.

Yesterday my 15 yr old (asthmatic) son told me that a boy in his group (also an asthmatic) was very wheezy and couldnt breathe during Games - he wanted to sit down but PE teacher made him carry on running. Later the PE teacher said he didnt know the boy had asthma.

I really worry about children at school - what does it take for some people to realise how serious asthma can be?

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Hi angievere

Emily35 and I were chatting the other day and wondered why we hadn't heard from you for a while, so great to have you back on the forum!

I know exactly what you mean it is frightening how many people are stil SO in the dark with how serious asthma can be, I think an awful lot of people think that a coughing fit and a bit out of breath is as bad as it gets!! Sadly this isn't the case and it really does frighten me, especially with my own son who pushes himself to the brink!

It would be nice to see local asthma nurses visiting schools once a year to update staff and make sure everyone knows what to do to support children with asthma.

I hope your son and you ar keeping well.



Hi Clare, Thanks for your kind reply. I am quite upset about how some school staff treat children with health problems - we have had a few 'run-ins' with our son's PE dept but it just doesnt seem to register with some of them. I read about 2 asthma deaths last week (both school children) and I just wish people took it more seriously.

Yes I havent posted for a while - must admit I preferred the old forum!! My son hasnt had a great year with asthma. He's had quite a lot of time of school - it always starts with a cold and pulls him down quickly. Still, he is stoic and I always think it could be worse.

Thanks again for your post. xx


Sorry, nothing to do with this topic just wanted to say 'hi' to you angievere and nice to see you on here. It has taken me a while to get used to this new forum and it is slowly growing on me xx


Hi all haven't posted on here much lately either, I'm not keen on new forum. Think it is a bit too clinical and not as user friendly as it used to be.

Anyway about the subject of asthma and PE at school. Have to admit my sons PE teachers are good with him and allow him to judge when and what sport he takes part in whilst doing PE. Its a shame all PE teachers are not like that.



Thanks JF - I just dont find this forum as easy to get round as the old one. Also, am I right in thinking you can't PM people anymore, or have Buddies? I used to enjoy that aspect of the forum.

Re. PE at school. Shelley - your son is 'lucky' with his PE teachers. I know there are good PE teachers, just not at my son's school! They are too competitive and seem to despise the children with health problems. Our bad luck I suppose.

Generally I am very concerned about children with asthma at schools. It really is the 'silent disease' - I thought things might change with the death of Samuel Linton about 2 years ago (asthma attack at school) but it doesnt seem to have happened. Rather depressing.


The private messaging is not active yet as they are having problems with it and like you I am missing that too xx


angie, have you been to the school to have a word with the head teacher?

he/she could pass on your concerns and asthma information to the pe teacher

someone has to educate them, who better than a parent of an asthmatic child

good luck


Thanks JF - and Joan. My husband and I went to the headteacher about 2 yrs ago and explained the situation. He listened us out and eventually agreed our son could be excused 2 hours of rugby during the winter term! I have had many talks with the PE teacher, sent him letters and emails, but he is quite hostile to my son which makes it difficult.

I had pretty much the same from a PE teacher when I was at school and my mum also intervened which made it worse! That was nearly 35 yrs ago....

Thanks for all your support - it's much appreciated. xx


Hi Angie,

Just wanted to say welcome back to the forum.

I hope you are keeping OK.


Thanks asthmagirl. We're ok thanks (sort of!!). Miss the PM facility on here, hope it gets sorted. xx


Hi all

Still on the subject of PE at School. My son came in from school today, and said he isn't doing PE much from now on as he has to do extra core subjects, ie maths and English. Because of his final exams coming up. have to say he is gutted but I'm pleased really, as his asthma is playing up. And you can bet your life it gets worse when he is doing PE.

He is going into hospital soon to have his adenoids removed and other things done whilst under general anaesthetic. to improve his nasal problems and to get a better quality of life. as he suffers terrible with nasal problems. Am worried about the op and consultant says his asthma has to be perfectly controlled before he can have the op. So may take a while realy as he is never really well. But fingers crossed all will go well.

Would be useful to find out if anyone else has had these things done thanks



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