My Video

So, for those of you that haven't seen it, I have made a short video about my life with Asthma.

Its not perfect, and I'm not expecting an award for it.

The reason behind it was I was bored and as I was yet again sat on my rear I thought I would do something productive with my time!!

Hope you enjoy!!

if it doesn't work, the video is called speechless, and is also on the AUK FB page!!


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  • Its brilliant and you should get an award!

    All gp's, cons etc should watch it!!!!

  • Yay! CHarlie you've put it on! :D I've been showing it at work today. Just waiting for the resp team we share an office with and I'm going show them. :D Brilliant advertising campaign to raise awareness I think x

  • oohh i saw this video yesterday when it came up on the fb page, didn't realise i 'knew' the author / poster hehe

    It is very good :-)

  • Thank you people. It really has touched me the amount of people that have seen it. It generally wasnt an attention video, it was me getting things out my head, and was intended for my blog and then i thought, why not post to AUK fb page. I didnt ask for it to be shared on fb ot twitter so it was all a bit of a shock and im seriously overwhelmed with the level of support. I honestly cant thank everyone enough. At first i didnt even tell mum that I had made the video as she doesnt know about my blog either, but then as I was getting so hapoy with the number of hits and also teary from some of the responses she asked what was up. I still dont think she has seen it as ive hogged the pc but time will tell i guess.

    And yup jinglfairy tis me mwhahahah lol

  • Charlie_warlie,

    I really liked your video, concise and informative! You have a talent! It even brought a lump to my throat and I liked how you displayed it :-) xx

  • This video is great! I think it should be shown to everyone to make people realise that asthma isn't just a cough or an excuse not to do stuff!

    Well done :) Going to show this to everyone I know

  • Oh My Goodness!! Ive had over 500 views, I am so happy, and I really hope it helps all of us that are out there!!


  • your video is great! i watched 3 times. I really hope things improves for you.

  • cool vedio made me think

  • thank you all for continuing to watch, we now have over 540 views, lets hope that the message continues to get out and helps each and every one of us!!


  • Charlie, I love it, well done you and thank you for making the video

    If it just helps one person in any way that will be great and down to your efforts

    big hugs and kisses xxx

    I hope your asthma improves, you deserve a break

  • charlie are you on facebook?

  • hi Joan UK,

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to watch my video!!

    Yes, I am on facebook, and I am friends with many people from the website if that helps hunt me down. Also, my first name is the same, and my last name has the initial W on it also!!


  • Bumpbumpbump... keep the message going...ive had over 600 views in a week so hopfully ittl help us all!! Xxx

  • I have to say Charlie it brought a tear to my eye and id would like to say thank you for such an informative video. It gives a strong powerful poignant message. Maybe people will think more when they see asthmatics using an inhaler or having an attack. Hope you don't mind but ive also put the link on my facebook and asked people to like an share the video. To spread the word so to speak.

  • hey glenn13 so sorry its taken a while to reply!! thank you for your response though!! and yes that is perfectly fine that you have shared it!! spread it far and wide!!


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