naming challenge!!

Ok, so ive gone an ordered myself a swanky new dual nebuliser machine tonight but it in need of a name. He cant just be Mr Neb manchine as its a tad boring!!

So this is where you guys come in!! I need the mose amazing ever, but unfortunatly it cant be something boring like Bob, for example my pet fish names are Dot, Blanch, Ippy and Sally, and my pet snails names are Andy Pandy and Bertie Basset, so it has to be something as random as those.

Cant wait to see what your ideas are!! ill let you know the winning name when he arrives!!


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  • I vote for Thomas the tank engine because he's full of steam and he'll get you moving!!!!


  • What about calling it Harry Potter because it will work its magic to get you breathing better again

  • Nebuchadnezzar :D

  • currently loving the idea of Thomas at the moment, or tank for those moment ur saving your breathe lol...any others out there!? xx

  • Well, there's always Puff after the AUK dragon, but I'm not sure about that.

    How about Sting? Because of this (or do the lyrics remind you too much of being in ITU lol)?

  • haha nice one philomela, but sadly yes would remind me of being in itu one to many times!! and plus 'every breath you take' i believe is on tje random off topic post for songs banned for the ipod or something similar atleast!!


  • lol and I may have started that thread too ;) But couldn't remember if that was allowed or banned.

    hmm can't think of any more names atm sorry! Will let you know if I do...

    Slightly off-topic but this reminded me: the bus company here is trying to show how amazing they are which includes plastering stuff about their 'green' cred all over the back of the buses.

    This includes giant slogans like 'Every breath you take is cleaner' and 'Breathe in'. Now I appreciate that they're making an effort to cut down on pollution and so do my lungs (as much as they're ever grateful for anything, the b*****ds). But I really don't like being told to 'breathe in' by a bus when I'm just going about my business lol! Next thing the buses will start telling me to 'blow out as hard as you can - keep going keep going' etc etc... ;)

    Anyway sorry for random be off to bed now before I start getting weirder lol. If that's possible...

  • What machine did you get in the end?

  • eekk i would hate to stare at a buses bum reading that in the morning!!

    and i got the omron compressor nebuliser comp air elire ne-c30-e ... bit of a mouth full, so *drum roll* Thomas for short...and tank for emergencies on the hunt for thomas stickers now :-)


  • Yeah!!!!!

    Good choice ;-)

  • Any clues on where to get Thomas stickers that look remotely AMAZING lol - Have to admit, I mentioned the names and the few I had in my head and my mum said she loved it and the idea you gave, so she choose it really ;)


  • :-D

    Try eBay, I've got some good ones for my little boy from there before and tattoos (fake transfers).


  • haha trust me of all people not to think of ebay, I usually live on there haha!! will go on their now, and try not to spend to much ;)


  • lol Charlie, just be careful not to spend all your money on asthma cigarettes - give Thomas a chance to work! ;)

  • haha philomela, love it, ill take it in turns puffing on each!!


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