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Does any one else get this?

Hi all,

Generally doing O.K. over here. I have been having a bit of trouble the last few weeks, but have seemed to have some luck with taking more antihistamine, but am a bit sleepy.

When I have asthma trouble, I get a really tight chest, all of a sudden, and even if I take my inhaler it can take several minutes to kick in. I also cough a lot. Then when I'm really having trouble, I get tight pretty continually, or a bit wheezy.

But what's been happening for the last few weeks is a get tight, I take my inhaler, it eases off like 10 min. later, then I can be fine for several hours, and then the same thing happens. So I've been taking my reliever a few times a day, BUT, I also have most of the day where I'm perfectly fine.

So I called and asked if I should go up on my preventer, or take my reliever by neb, or what? I haven't heard back yet, but have actually been fine for two days. But it seems to kick up when I'm out of the work or church.

Would you take more asthma meds for a while if this kept happening, but wasn't by any means one of your bad attacks? Or just take your reliever as needed?


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Go to GP for a check up. I start like this when I get a chest infection brewing. If you have an action plan follow that too, but deffo get to GP as soon as possible :D



I agree with Emlou - even if it's not the worst you've had it might turn into something so probably best to nip it in the bud - either chase the drs for an answer (not much use if they don't get back to you!) or book an appt.

Hope whatever it resolves and doesn't get worse, and you get rid of it soon!


Hi guys,

Thanks for answering. You're the best! This asthma thing can be SO frusterating at times. I actually called my pulmonolgist from work, and the charge nurse I work with started mumbling that she hates asthma action plans :). Me too. Well, I guess it seems really helpful...until there is something about it I don't get. Although I suppose I usually work out the bugs by using it.

So I'm doing a bit better. Also, I think if that happens again I will use my neb for a few days, and then if that doesn't work, either up my preventer or go find antibiotics, like you said.

I hope everyone is doing well!



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