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Unhelpful Doctor

I have had asthma for 30 years and therefore feels like I have a pretty good idea of what my symptoms mean and when I need some help.

I have been really well for the past few months but this past week I have had a really tight chest and have been wheezing at night. I went to the doctor as I tend to go downhill really quickly when my symptoms start.Unfortunately the only appointment I could get was with a doctor I haven't seen before, she listened to my chest and because there was no audible wheeze she basically told me to double up my inhalers and sent me away.

I'm really concerned that I might suddenly get worse but I don't know if I should wait and see what happens or go back, I know how busy the doctors are and I don't want to pester them unnecessarily.

Has anyone else faced this when their symptoms seem to 'disappear' when they get to the doctors surgery?

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Yes for some reason when I finally decide I need to see the doctor, my cough disappears, only to start again as I walk out of the surgery. Luckily my GP will go on what I say my symptoms have been and if I've been having problems for a couple of weeks will always give me pred providing I want it.

I put off making an appointment today because at the moment I generally feel ok during the day, maybe coughing a little but it sounds completely innocent, then at about 6 o'clock I start hacking and my peak flow drops right down. However, if I go in it will be at a time when I'm likely to feel fine and I feel like a fraud going and saying I'm having problems when there's nothing apparently wrong with me.

I would give it a couple of days and if not feeling better go back to see a different doctor.


Ha ha ha, that ALWAYS happens to me, I'll be sat in the waiting room coughing and struggling, the minute I walk in to the doctors room, its better, grrr! I just hope I have a sensible GP who listens to what I say not just what he hears, failing that, its go back to GP once their 'double up preventer' still doesn't help.

If you're wheezing on a night, how about recording it so they can hear what its like on a night?


Ahh yes, our lungs have this magical ability to be well behaved when in the presence of a GP!! This used to be a major problem for me. Now, because of my asthma history, most GP's I see listen to what I have to say and base their opinion on that rather than how my chest is sounding at that very minute. If you still don't feel any better, I'd go back and try to see a different Dr (maybe one you've seen before), and explain how you've been feeling


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