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Gastric reflux

I have always thought there was a relationship between my burping and my distended stomach with my asthma. When it was worse my asthma was worse. Finally I was sent for a gastroscopy and the consultant said I had a bad case of bile reflux and he has put me on domperidone with another appointment in a month. I am still burping, sometimes more than others. Nothing was mentioned about cutting out certain foods. Can anyone with this problem recommend cutting out certain foods? I get tighter after I have had something to eat. Should I try to exclude wheat? Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Hi Carla!

I had this a few years ago and wqs told to go back to a basic diet fir 6 months to help my stomach not have to work as hard and reduce the acidity and inflammation.

This is what I was told to cut out.

All citrus

All spices and herbs


Follow a low fat diet (less than 5grams of fat per 100grams)

Very very dull but really helped me.



hi, I've acid reflux as well I find cutting out dairy and

having no food with citrus in it helps. I also have lots of peppermint, and ginger tea. I take lansoprazole tablet every day on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before having breakfast. sometimes I do find it hard to tell if its asthma or acid reflux but I always take my blue inhaler to be sure. I stop certain foods one at a time for 1 month then reintroduced the food to see if I had an issue with it. I did this under my doctor's guidance. hope this helps. I find I don't miss orange juice or anything with tomatoes any more.


I had a problem with regurgitation/burping up acid (and associated bad breath) and was given Domperidone, but wasn't told anything about changing my diet. However I found that when I stopped my LABA (i know I know, slapped wrist for stopping meds) that my symptoms disappeared almost immediately. I know stopping medication isn't really an option but maybe something to bear in mind if you're ever looking at switching or reducing medication?



I had massive gastic reflux problems and a lot of silent reflux and this was beofore the pred, then when on.pred it got massivly worse so we (me and my consultant) decided to put me on double dose of omeprazole, with metoclopromide and also to cut out dairy. We also try domperidonne but sadly i was allergic to it. What i also done was like others, cut out hi citrus foods. I also made sure i had nothing to eat or drink atleast and hour pre bed and i also had my pillows at such an angel that i was always proped up even if just a small amount...all this together helped reduce the amount of reflux i had...or shall i say made it go away completly...untill i was started in another medication and wow wasnt i aware of it. We did a huge process of alimination, my consultant wanted me to cut out wheat as well, but i looked at her and asked her what it was she would like me to eat then haha!!

Hope things settle, there are lots and lots of both natural.and.medical ways to send it packing!!



I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply to my post. Asthma, like any other illness makes you feel isolated when you don't know anyone in the same position as yourself. It is very helpful and reassuring to get other asthmatics advice and points of view on such a friendly forum thanks to Asthma UK. Carla xx


Their has long been known a link that long term use of certain asthma meds have been responsible for causing GERD, however in the last few years it coming to light that LABA's are also known to have the same impact. I first noticed it many years ago before the research was published when I had seretide and doubled up when I was ill. I now stick to separate inhalers and never double up the LABA component, although I still get Reflux. Anyone with asthma should really be on a PPI for GERD, most asthmatics have it and it does make your asthma worse and as I found out few weeks ago at Heartlands, can have serious consequences


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