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Nebuliser or Not?

I know similar issues have been covered before, but I'd really appreciate some quite specific advice.

I was living in London, 5 minutes walk (literally) from a large A&E. My consultant there said I shouldn't have home nebs because I can deteriorate quickly and if I need nebs I need to be in hospital - to have home nebs could be more dangerous as I would delay getting help. I fully agreed with this, had a great plan with the hospital and with some tweaking, things worked well.

I've recently moved to rural middle of nowhere. On Wednesday I was captured by the green men and Costafied. The ambulance came as quickly as it reasonably could (I am flagged on their system) and took me to Costa quickly, but it was still near enough 2 hours from calling to arriving at the hospital. Because we're in such a rural area, we also have first responders (trained local volunteers) who also attended, but even by the time they'd come (about 5-10 mins before the ambulance I think) my sats had plummeted and I was really struggling.

I spoke to the nurse and GP today and they've suggested that home nebs for emergency use only whilst I wait for the ambulance might be a good idea to buy time. But we did discuss in depth the issues, possibly delaying getting help, etc. I also have a slight fear of the next step if I had a home neb being more regular neb treatment as an easy add in, which I'd rather avoid.

Does anyone here have a neb just for emergency situations? If so, does it work for you? Also, if I did decide on this route, the health centre said they could lend me a neb initially, but I would have to get my own - roughly what sort of cost am I looking at, as I'm not working at the moment and struggling a bit financially.

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When I first got my home nebuliser it was for emergency use only and I found it worked very well for me, like you I was very concerned that I would delay getting help to me but I spoke to my GP and Respiratory Team who came up with very strict action plan for me to follow.

I bought my nebulisers (I have a home nebuliser Medix and a portable nebuliser Respironics Micro Elite) from Evergreen.

Medix AC2000 mains power - Price £99.00 - delivered

Philips Respironics Micro Elite nebuliser - Price £95.00 - delivered (this nebuliser comes with all travel plugs for abroad)



I've got a nebuliser to use at home but it is definitely for emergencies only. I have one because my asthma is allergy triggered and deteriorates really quickly to the point where I can't talk. So as I'm usually in sole charge of my two very small children and my husband has mobility issues I had to agree with the medical opinion to get one. It just means if I'm alone (at home/out shopping etc) with them I can stay well enough to get help myself and keep an eye on them... I was against having one but am glad I have it now as I was getting so ill so quickly I would have to rely on my 4year old or 2year old to call an ambulance - not practical and not great for them! Like you thou I'm not keen on the regular neb being added as treatment but I guess if I ever need then I'll have to (very unwillingly) suck it up!

I used evergreen to buy mine its a micron air that lives in my handbag it was about £100 with mains adapter, don't know how it would stand up to being used all day every day though. If the health centre will lend you one short term at least you can give it a trial run before buying one - then if you still aren't comfortable having one/find it doesn't help at least you will know.


m x


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