I want to buy a Kindle for my husband as a birthday surprise but don't know anything about them, am not at all technical. Would normally PM Peaksteve for this advice, Peaksteve I am in awe of your 'technical' knowledge. There is one priced about £89 and one which is more (I forgot how much) which should I get, he is only slightly more technical than me. He is retired and would use it to read fiction and non fiction. Sorry to be a nuisance, all advice gratefully received, thank you ever so a dosey Lois

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  • i've got the kindle touch (£109) and i like it better than the normal one (which my mum has). I'm afraid i can't help with the technical side cos my brother dealt with that and still does deal with any problems that appear. If you have wireless internet once you've got the kindle connected it's dead easy to get the books onto it from the amazon site - it happens automatically! Apparently if you get books from othr sources you can plug the kindle into your computer and just drag and drop like any other external drive but i've not actually done that so don't know how easy it is.

  • Hello Lois,

    I have a Kindle with keyboard since last year and it is great especially when on holidays, at appointments, travelling etc. Always thought I preferred physical books and still do like them but the Kindle is a great space saver.

    In terms of the technical side, mine is very easy to use over any wireless internet and battery life is excellent. If you do not have reliable wireless, may be worth going for the pricier 3G version with built in free internet access. Touchscreen may be easier to use especially as small buttons can be fiddly. Also useful are the various kindle applications for other devices and suitable mobile phones which synchronises the latest pages and books read across all.

  • I've got the £89 Kindle. I don't know what the differences are (I know the Kindle touch has a touchscreen but I imagine there are more features.....) but I'm perfectly happy with the Kindle I have. It's really easy to use; I registered the kindle with my Amazon account, buy kindle books on Amazon, switch on the wi-fi on the kindle, and the books are transferred across!

    I was very against having a kindle as I love books, but I'm surprised at just how much I love my kindle!!

  • I've had a Kindle for a couple of years now and because I don't have a wireless internet connection I bought the one with the 3G connection, which works brilliantly wherever I am and means that I can buy books whenever the mood takes me and download them wherever I am without any messing about. It was more expensive than the others but it suits me and I've been very happy with it. A friend recently bought the same model for her husband (aged 81) and he's totally hooked on it, downloading books almost as recklessly as I do!

  • I originally had a Kindle keyboard, but changed it for the 3G version as we don't have wireless and really love this one. It froze a few weeks ago and I thought it had packed in and was horrified as it was only 24 hours out of guarantee. Luckily I found out how to unfreeze it. It might be worth reading some online reviews.

  • Hey!!

    I think i made a post in here ages ago with everyones thoughts and techical advise and as a result i got the kindle third generation which is 3g and has the keyboard...and i have to say it is blinking amazing and i have read so many more books on there since march...and most if the books have been a hell of a lot cheaper or even free...very much recommended...and yes u pay that bit more fir the 3g but totally worth it in the log run!!! Xx

  • This birthday gift is cost you little bit more money,

  • lois, what was the result in the end!?


  • personally i prefer an android tablet

  • I use kindle on my android phone and works great xxx

  • I was quite taken by the idea of the Kindle Fire, but my son is trying to persuade me to gor for a larger format tablet (is he trying to tell me something?)and suggests that I should be looking at a Samsung (he's got a galaxy note phone and thinks it's the Mutt's Nuts. Now I'm just confused.

  • I have a Kindle, very kindly given to me.....I think it is a basic one with wi-fi.

    Have downloaded some free books, one Rough guide to Northumberland and have uploaded some of my own pdf files via the email ....

    neat little thing.... Just need to finish off the heap of paper books on the book shelf as well...:-)

  • Hi Lois

    I have an android tablet 10inch and it has the Kindle App which is just as good as the Kindle and I absolutely love it, glad I went for the tablet and not the Kindle

    Hope you've decided which one you want to get your husband



  • Tablets are very good, but for reading for long periods of time nothing beats the E-Ink display on a Kindle (which isn't on the Kindle Fire, as that's just an Android tablet with Amazon's user interface on it). Eye strain comes on much, much quicker with a backlit AMOLED screen than it does with E-Ink.

  • I just thought i would share that last week i got the kindle fire hd and it is the best thing since sliced bread, i havnt put it down literally, and if ur a bit of a technical geek, u can hack it like i did and add extra material that isnt usually compatable with it. Dont waste an extra £200 on an ipad, just get the kindle haha xxx

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