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Stopping Atrovent

Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well!

my asthma has been really unstable over the past year or so (had 5 admissions this year already!) i was on a trial of Xolair which made no difference to my spirometery and very little difference to my quality of life so they stopped it, but they have also stopped my Atrovent. since stopping my pf has dropped from 350ish to 260 so not enough that i would go to the gp but is enough that i feel tight chested and i am a bit wheezy. So now i am two minds about whether to just plod along and hope it settles or to go back to gp!

I am not looking for medical advice, just other peoples experience of stopping meds and if they did have symptoms whether they settled on their own?



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Unfortunately, over the years tried multiple meds including atrovent. I still have uncontrolled asthma and have not to date found a suitable drug which controls the asthma. I have to admit I often think I would be no worse off asthma wise if I stopped my medcines. I have discussed this with my GP so I am aware of the issues it could cause at a latter point in time. If you don't feel right and things do not settle it may be worth a visit back to your GP or other healthcare professional.


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