Going for Gold

Finally I am seeing some improvements in my asthma. My consultant gave me the news i have been waiting for i can finally reduce down to 5mg prednisolone and i can finally abandon the wheelchair. I am really hoping that it will be successful and that when i return in 3 months time i will be walking unaided and that i may be able to stop prednisolone. I am finally heading in the correct direction. I still need daily nebuliser treatment but I am finally improving after four years of hell. Lets hope it works..........

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  • Great news Plumie, hope things keep improving as they are

  • Great to hear good news for a change. well done and lets hope you improve more and more.


  • Fantastic news, Plumie. The prospect of getting out of the wheelchair must amazing. Keep well.

  • Congratulations Plumie! You must be so relieved to hear this after your 'long haul.' I hope you have as smooth a transition as possible.

    I agree, it is lovely to hear something so positive.

  • That's great news Plummie, congratulations, let's hope you continue to improve

  • Plumie I'm so happy to hear your news!

    I hope the pred reduction keeps going well and getting back on your feet again isn't too tough.


  • That's great news! Crossing fingers for you that things keep improving and you're able to ditch the wheelchair and pred soon.

  • Congratulations on your health improvements... I hope the pred resduction goes well for you...

  • That's fantastic news hun! x

  • Lovely to here Plumie xxx

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