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No energy

Came out of hospital on Monday after a 12 day stay trying to get asthma under control. Was sent home after I no longer needed nebs.

Now taking seretide, steroids, singulair, amenophilline and antibiotics with a plan to reduce meds over the next few weeks.

2 days later I'm still in bed struggling to cope with day to day activities and just feel so tired.

Feeling worried as I thought I'd be up to doing more.

Any tips on how to get over this? Or am I just being impatient?

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I have just come out after 16 days and some nasty asthma attacks. The way I cope with it is to do a little bit more every day. If my body is telling me to stop I take a nap and then try to do a bit more but have learnt now not to push too hard otherwise I end up back where I started!


I came out after a few days in ICU and ventilation at the end of last week. I'm still getting tried after doing very small amounts it takes time I'm just listening to my body and resting when its needed. I think you just need to give yourself a bit more time to recover its a big thing to recover from. Get well soon x


Your body has been through a lot, it can take weeks to recover. I generally find it takes me a few days after an admission to start to feel anywhere near 'normal' again. Try to take it easy, you'll get back to rushing around soon enough :)


Thanks everyone. Sorry you've been all been through it too.

Hosp sent me home with a weeks sick note and I'm wondering how on earth I'll make it back to work next week.

Think I'm just going to have to see how I get on and accept that this won't be over in a hurry.

Hope you are all feeling better soon x


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