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Trip to London... asthma worse

Well, I came back from my long weekend in London on Monday, and I noticed on Monday that my asthma was starting to flare up - I was sitting drinking a coffee in a cafe in Russell Square and during that time I needed 6 or 7 puffs of inhaler.

I'd been doing well - we did masses of walking and I coped well with it.

But now I'm wondering - do you think it's just coincidence? I can't help but think that it's related to the air quality. After all, if I spend any time in London I notice that when I blow my nose it's black (sorry, gross and prob TMI), so I can' help but think it might be related.

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Hi Piglet,

It probably is related.I find this after walking in London and Bristol although it doesn't stop me from doing it again... I love walking in London with my A-Z! I always think it is the traffic fumes. Mine normally starts calming down again after a couple of days.


I hope you had a good weekend other than the asthma Piglet? Did you go to the Wellcome Collection brain exhibition in the end?

I'm not sure whether I'm worse in London - but I did get worse after moving to Oxford! Maybe unrelated, but Oxford has a bad rep. for respiratory conditions (GP has commented on it) as it's in a bowl so all the pollution just stays and there is a fair amount of it. So maybe for me it was worse than London, but if you live somewhere cleaner then London might have a bad effect. I'm not brilliant on days in London - I go a lot - but not sure if I'm any worse than elsewhere.


It's not a coincidence for me. I live in quite a rural area and whenever I go anywhere with traffic fumes especially London then my asthma worsens but usually settles within a few days. And, yes i get the same when blowing my nose in London, yuck. Lou xx


i find my asthma worsens when i go to cities. hope you're on the mend soon. x


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