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I just give up never going to be as I was x


17 Apr 12


Hi sorry if moaning , but so fed up been ill since dec last year had one week hosp stay , all this from chest infection then diagnosed with asthma in feb I been on course of steroids with at most a two week gap back between courses n antibiotics of and one . Just gone back to work on phase return and the half shifts are k but so tired when get home sleeping a lot , so made appointment at dr couldn't get in till today peak flo been k no worries there n no wheeze bit of a cough but nothing compared to when bad ,

Got told off nor not using emergency supplies of steroid n antibiotics as left lung really mucky n right just starting (dr words ) k said I only came cuz tired no real problems really n didn't want to waste ur time as pf been k ,

Dr was nice said some dr moans but he rather me go when feel tired or bit worried oxygen 97 so not bad

Now just really confused about it all , and so fed up been ill all the time with few good days I seem to pick up every virus infection going .... Thx for reading sorry for moaning x

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19 Apr 12


Hi Jo

I know exactly how you feel, I have been in and out of hospital since November and still waiting to return to work.

My pf and O2 are all over the place, been on steroids non stop for 2 years now.

I always feel weak and tired, my muscles always seem to ache and I am / was totally fed up with it all.Things do get better though, I have good days and I have bad days, I always aim to make the best of the good days and then just try and get through the bad.

Don't worry about the moaning, we all need to have a little rant and moan about things!

Dave Cross

18 Apr 12


Just say to yourself "" I will not let this illness beat me"". I know it can be hard but there is life after asthma. Eveyone on this site is here to support you.

I work full time and there are times when I wish I could just stay in bed, but part of the reason I keep going is because I am determined not to let myself become a slave to illness.

Stay strong and remember we're here to listen and help.



18 Apr 12


Hi Jo

Sorry to hear that you're finding it so hard at the moment but please don't give up hope that you can enjoy life.

My own experience is that I go through periods when my asthma is very well controlled and then everything falls apart and I have a prolonged bad patch, during which I feel pretty much the way you are now. During my last bad patch I realised that I'd got a bit complacent and stopped taking my asthma into consideration in my daily life and that this had contributed to my rapid dive into coughing misery and breathlessness so I now make a conscious effort to take medication when i should and to admit that there are things that i shouldn't do because they set my asthma off. In that sense you are right, you are never going to be as you were, because you are going to have to consider your asthma on a daily basis, but that isn't so bad if it is contributing to keeping your condition under control.

The key is GETTING control in the first place and to do that you need some more help from your GP. Before you get an appointment, though, it might be useful to chat to some of the nurses here so that you can talk to your GP with the benefit of some knowledge.

Good luck



17 Apr 12


Hey Jo,

Sorry I feel I'm about to say absolutly nothing constructive at all, but I just wanted to say don't give up hope, stay positive and ensure you get out and about on your 'good days' as much as possible to keep up your moral!! Here is some massive virtual hugs to keep your spirits up in the meantime!!




17 Apr 12


Hi, Things never quite turn out the way we imagine it. There are folk on here with all kinds of asthma and all kinds of ways of dealing with it. I was in my mid 50s when told I had asthma though suspect had been going on for some time.

At first the constant colds and infections, do get to you. As do the doom and gloom merchants on some websites. AUK is, on the whole, full of forward and positive people. We're here to listen and sympathise and though us forums folk can't give what might be termed medical advice, we can offer support and in most cases there will be at least one person who has gone through the same or similar to yourself.

Welcome to our world. May you find we're just what you need right now.

GM x


17 Apr 12


Hi Jo,

Im sorry to hear you are having a hard time, i totally get where you are coming from as although i have had asthma all my life, its only in recent times its become a constant pain in the provebial!!

Its so frustrating isn't it? All you you want to do is get back to your normal life but can't at the moment.

All i'll say is keep the thought that it is only 'at the moment' and things will get better.

Look after yourself xxx

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Hi everyone xx

Thank you for your support and kind remarks x

I have given myself a big kick up bum x and a talking tobx and going take it day by day nothing really much else I can do

Take inhalers n steroids x

Big hugs to you all hope you well x

Thx Jo x


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