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Mini Moan

jinglfairy 15 Apr 12 1:29pm

I currently sound like a 20-a-day smoker!! It is self-inflicted (exercise-induced) but i thought i'd tell all my lovely asthmatic friends about it anyway, and as these posts will disappear after next thursday i can pretend it didn't happen hehe

Every Sunday i go running then swimming and i know it will affect me but i can never predict how much. I think i should've known today would be a bad one from the fact that early on in my run my chest wasn't happy but i continued anyway. When i got back to my car i didn't feel as bad as i expected but the following 64 lengths of the pool didn't do me any good. One irritating thing is that the worst of the coughing didn't start till about an hour after i'd stopped the exercise - just in time for me to get to church *sigh*

Ah well, i didn't get through a single hymn without stopping to cough but because i'm coughing every week to some extent everyone just ignores me which is how i like it (pretty much the same as at dancing haha).

Unfortunately lots of salbutamol means lots of shakes, when i was trying to sort my money when i'd gone shopping after church i kept dropping things, the cashier commented ""you're not having a good day are you"" little did she know there was a physical reason for my clumsiness - sally shakes.

Oh well, lets hope the coughing / shakes stops long enough at some point today that i can do some decent practice (can't play with the shakes) cos i've got a lesson tomorrow and not done as much practice as i should've done over the last 2 weeks - oops


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