Struggling again :(

I am just having a really bad time of it after staying over my friends house friday night (she has 3 cats and uses lots of aerosol = triggers my asthma) my peak flow has been decreasing it has gone from 320 down to 240 (about 1hour ago) also seretide does not seem to be helping i have not reach a PF over 350 in weeks i feel really down and been having alot of night time symptoms and lots in the day i have to use my inhaler like 5 or six times everyday and i just took six puffs and it has increased my peak flow to 290 but i still feel bad should i see my doc or just take my inhaler and see if i can get into my green zone??

thanks to all who reply ps.i would just like some support just so fed up :( so youdont have to answer the question thanks again :/

Amy xxx

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  • Hi Amy

    Sorry you're feeling so bad - sounds like you really need to see somebody and get things back under control

    I don't know what your expected pf is or what ypur green zone is, but a drop to 240 sounds fairly significant and if you are using that much reliever you need a review at least if not morehelp at least in the short term

    Is there an out of hours number you can call for your GP?

    Take care


  • Kat-

    thanks for replying my expected PF is 450 but my best 380 my green zone is 380-304 yellow is 304-190 and red 190-0.there is a GP out of hours and the walk in but i suppose i will have to wait for my mum the only thing im worried about is if i go there or they come here and there is nothing wrong i will look really stupid it has happened befoore and that is why im so nervous about telling people when my asthma is bad i don't want to waste there time when i could just have managed it at home... :( is that stupid ??

  • Hi Amy

    From what you've said I think it's worth seeing somebody immediately and to arrange a proper review with your gp or asthma nurse in a day or so ....

    If your predicted pf is 450 but you never hit it, then I think you should be asking about other treatment options to improve control - from your profile, you're not on too much medication at the moment and there probably are more options to try for this... Tho I don't have experience of teen asthma - my own is adult onset and my daughter is only 9

    In the short term, if you're still down at 240, then that puts you down at around 60% pf best and a steroid boost or other short term help is probably needed to get you back to green

    Don't worry about seeking help - I've been at my gp continually for 3 months now - no major attack but low pfs and lingering symptoms and he is always happy to review and tweak meds to gain an improvement


  • Hi Amy. This is important. There is nothing wrong with telling people when your asthma is causing you problelms. You won't be wasting people's time and anybody who makes you feel that you are is way out of order. Do whatever you need to do to deal with your asthma. I'm sure your mum is supportive and would be only too happy to stand up for you, but she can only be guided by what you tell her about your asthma so don't be brave about it, be honest! Lecture over. Have a big hug.


  • Agree with the others. Don't delay in checking out with doctor. I left it too late going to see the doctor recently and as a result it's taken longer to get over a bad chest infection. xx

  • try avoiding the things that bring it on

    I would not stay at a friend who has three cats. Get her /him to stay at your house! But if it is unavoidable take your own sleeping bag and pillow and keep your bedroom window open - a bit cold though this time of year. So keep such visits for the summer!

    I remember once I went to stay at a friend's house and ended up sitting by the window most of the night trying to get some air. I was put in a store room with a stack of mattresses and loads of junk. One good thing that came out of it was, that I was diagnose with dust mite allergy. Knowing what triggers your asthma goes a long way in reducing the symptoms.

    I bought myself a new matress covered it in a plastic cover and then put a quilt on top of it so that I don't sleep on the plastic. A fitted sheet on top of that makes it really comfortable. Then I use another quilt to keep me warm. I wash everything about every 2 months (but wash the sheets and pillow covers every 2 weeks). The pillows have a pillow protector so they are kept quite clean for a long time.

    Now I hardly use any inhalers.

    I hope you will find this helpful.

  • peak flow settled at 300 feeling a tiny bit better but i have been coughing all day and most of the night i didn't get to the walk in but it kind of resovled itself...Im not sure whter i should see doc as she is not very understanding as im not much of a wheezer and says it is up to the hospital to change my inhalers but i am not seeing them until august so is it ok should i just leave it or should i still try to see my doctor/walk in centre/out of hours gp...

    Amy xx

  • Hi Amy,

    If you are in any doubt then I would suggest you either make an appointment to see the asthma nurse or see another doctor at your GP surgery. Have you thought speaking to the secretary of your consultant at the hospital you might be able to get an early appointment or they might be able to give you advise.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • hi amy

    i often feel i delay goin for help incase they say theres nothin wrong and its risky, especially if ur severe/brittle, or even if ur not.

    u shud defo get yurself checked out.

    i knw i should take my own advice now :( as i am struggling now on 10 puff salb inh 2 hrly.... having being discharged hme on sunday but...

  • Going to the doc

    Thanks for all the understanding replies im under alot of upset due to a death in my family and have lately been having severe coughing fits and i am becoming in my opinion wheezy and occaisionaly some breathlessness keep feeling headahcy and really under the weather my cough is coming from deep in my chest and im worried as peak flow is unreliable (240 then 10 mins later 280)my peak flow refuses to go above the 300 mark and my blue inhaler is empty and is more of a struggle without it (blue inhaler barley helping but gives me some relief) so after the funeral tommorrow im heading to the walk in as no doc appointments availible for a week and i think i should get it checked over especially as i have developed this cough and i find myself immobile and quite wheezy and out of breath after these episodes and really want to get it sorted thanks for the support and advice i know i should have seen the doc after the peak flow drop but it seemed ok (apoligies i just figured since i have never had a serious attack that i would be fine) i will keep you posted and thanks for understanding everyone lots of love and hope you all our well

    Amy xxx

  • Hi Amy,

    I am sorry to read about the death of a family member it is always a very difficult and sad time my sympathy and thoughts are with you.

    I do hope the medical staff at the walk in centre do something to help make you feel better.

  • Amy, one of the things I find when my asthma is really bad is that it's often too much effort to do anything. I don't know if it's the effect of the medication or exhaustion from the coughing but it is a huge efffort to get to the doctor for some help and I really don't want to do it. I realise that it is probably even harder when you are coping with the emotional results of a death in the family but I would strongly suggest that you see someone sooner rather than later. It's a way of feeling that you've got some sort of control over your asthma and it's better to drag yourself off to the doctor or walk in clinic than to end up in A&E.

    You're having a really bad time at the moment, but you aren't dealing with it on your own because everyone who's ever had asthma has at some time felt the way you do now. Have a hug. Hope you feel better soon.


  • I agree with Annista, please get help Amy if you need it

  • Snowygirl-thanks for your reply i know what you mean about worrying about the funeral my little nephews funerwl was so sad ibecame very wheezy and began to cough after a couple of doses (10) i began to feel less tight just breath easy and keep calm don't panic ps. i know what your going through stay strong lots of love and hugs

    Amy xx

    ps. keep a peak flow as mine was almost 60% of personal best on the day so i knew to take my salbutamol every 3-4 hrs <3

    Asthma girl-will get help if needed but ok at the moment under alot of pressure as exam on tuesday im going to see asthma nurse tomorrow so i can get more treatment :)

  • thanks amy :) hard isnt it :'(

    managing on <3hrly at the mo, did wean to 6hrly yesterday tho :) ... till nellie came back last night and again tonight.

    peak flow doesnt always drop that much even though i feel awful or nellie has put on weight :S

    predicted 550 and i down to 390 ish at the mo post inh so am okay :)

    i will remember my breathing and wait for inh to work if nellie turns up at nans funeral...

    x x

  • Good luck with exam Amy, hope all goes well for you

  • what exams do u have this week ? anything good ? is it ur fave subject, makes it that much easier when it is doesnt it :)

    good luck x

  • Snowygirl- stay strong and hope the funeral is okay :( and don't suffer with asthma symptoms ..and how many puffs off salbutamol/ventolin do you take every 3-4 hrs ??

    Asthma girl- thanks hope you are well :)

    love and hugs to both of you xx

    Amy xx

    i have a maths exam worst luck :( its my worst subject although i got a B grade in my mock exam its so difficult as i am trying to grieve my baby nephew and have all this pressure :(

  • needing 10 puffs <3hrly :S to keep nellie at bay... gonna try sleep now- plenty pillows

    yeah, trying to keep strong, exhausting when trying to recover at same time... you stay strong too :)

    maths grrr!!!! at least u had a B in your mock so thats a fab start, shows your good! you already put the work in, long may your rewards continue :)

    i know only too well its hard, but like people keep saying to me, concentrate on good times and your memories, that wot seems to help me :) i think, as well as the support from the people on here...

    x x x

  • Thanks alot Snowygirl for all your help and support feeling alot more relaxed sleep well and hope nellie is taking the night off at your house she already seems to have popped in to visit me grrr anyway lots of love and hugs and thanks for the supportive messages

    Amy xx

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