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Asthma & Fainting

Today after a P.E lesson i was sat down in my biology lesson and i felt like all the energy had drained from my body i was in a freezing cold classroom but felt boling hot my friend said i was wheezing and i felt really dizzy and had chest pain (nellie just came out of no where and parked right on me) and i felt like i was going to faint. kept getting blurry/flashing vision but after taking my inhaler and half and hour of sitting still i began to feel better it really scared me though as i have never fainted or felt that bad i was wondering has this happened to anyone else ?? and i keep getting a kind of reccuring feeeling and whenever i run/ jog i feel drained wheezy and my chest begins to hurt i am confused is this asthma related ?? i'm not asking for a diagnosis just trying to figure why it happend and what i can do to stop it as it was worrrying for me and my friends thanks in advance for all replies

Amy xxxx

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HI Amy.

its happend to me a few times but usually by that time my lips have gone blue

and I have to sit down and take lots of my reliever.

The hospital and my gp knows about mt lips going blue and did have hart tests done also.

Some times i can just be getting up from a chair.

I would tell your doctor as could be a few things eg low oxygen or anaemic lack of food and drink or other things

love glynis


Hi Amy. It sounds very upsetting for you and for your friends, and I think you probably need to talk to your doctor. I know it's hard to take anything new to the GP when you're already dealing with asthma, but it really is better to know what you're dealing with than to worry about all the things it might be, and it's very likely that the cause is easily identified and dealt with.

Let us know how you get on.



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