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difficulty driving?

Has anyone experienced chest pain / tightness when driving?

I had to drive to colchester today took about 2hrs but after 1hr or so started getting pain in bottom of left lung (best description)

My question is I'm wondering how much could be muscular and how much grumbling lungs, am on Azithro having had a blip and nebs as req'd but would be interested if anyone else has difficulty when they are 'under par' so to speek.

any thought greatly recieved.


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Hi Sarah (nice name btw)! - I get the same thing but never thought too much about why - the pain in the bottom of my lung (usually my right for some reason) feels kind of like a stitch but only get it when been in the same position for too long it comes on after the chest tightness like when driving or sat in a plane or at work not moving around too much. I think it might be a mixture of the 2 - like posture/coughing etc & cranky lungs?! I dont know. I'm only on ventolin, becotide & serevent.

Sometimes the stitch type feeling is agony - when I went on holiday in November on the plane I had to go & lie down & stretch out to stop it hurting - crew gave me a row of 4 to myself as they could see my discomfort & it affected my breathing badly once the pain subsided my breathing got better.

Would be interested to hear from one of the clever drs on this site or anyone who knows about this to see why this is.... am going on holiday again in a few months & dont want the same type of feeling again - is there anything you can do to stop it?

Hope you feel better Sarah & it eases off quickly for you.

Sarah x


Thanks Sarah (top name!)

i do agree with you, same position for long time and grumbling lungs, I do have a neb to use saline and slabutamol to keep airways open and not get gunky (have complivcated lung problem as well as asthma) but try my best to be well and not neb, perhaps not alway the best move.

maybe getting up and moving aroung on a plane or stop the car and stand up? thought of that today, but then the pther part of me thought best to get to where i wanted to go.

thanks for you comparisons, very reassuring.



had to reply, just to make it a sarah's thread!

I get similar pain sometimes, and have always put it down to muscular pain from posture - it is worse when my chest is playing up but I get that anyway, cramp type pain in my intercostals.

Don't know why it happens, sorry



Hello all you Sarah's... sorry to spoil the thread by not being one....

Just a suggestion, but is the car airconditioned/climate controlled...?

I find when I'm well, car doesn't really have a noticeable effect, but when my asthma flare up, any car journeys are uncomfortable, and longer drives can be really unpleasant as my chest gets really tight etc...

Somebody at work once told me that this could be down to air con in the car (his daughter had problems like this and he eventually changed his car to overcome it).

In my current car I can't really turn it off, but previous ones I could and it did seem to make a difference.....

I know I could open the window to get some fresh air, but this isn't so good on faster roads or in the current cold weather....

not sure if this will be of any help...



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