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What to do now?

Hello all,

Been a while since I posted, as I've been very busy! However events of this evening have brought me back to the forum for a little advice and understanding.

Although my asthma has worsened over the last 9 months or so, and my medication has changed, I've managed to control it quite well. But this evening I had an asthma attack. I don't think it was a particularly serious one, as my mum wanted to call an ambulance but I thought I could manage with my spacer. I feel really shaken and scared by it. It's been at least a year since my last attack and I don't want to spiral further.

My question is really, where do I go from here? Should I let my asthma nurse know? I only saw her last week as I recently started a new dose, but she said that if it didn't improve then oral steroids would be the only way to go (again). I just don't know what to do - I'd been managing alright, but had been

a bit wheezy last night and affected by hayfever quite badly today.

I'd really just appreciate any advice. I'm starting to feel really down - my asthma has gone from awful, to well controlled (for some years!) to bad again, and I just don't know what to do.


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Hi Natalile

I've had exactly the same experience as you. My asthma had been well under control for several years but after having 2 heavy colds in October last year and then some work done in the house that threw up clouds of dust I had several months of really hard times. It's very easy to give in to despair when you see it all spiralling out of control and it feels a bit as if all the effort you put in to gain control has been wasted. BUT, with a lot patience, repeated visits to the surgery and a nice new medication from my nice new GP I've been improving remarkably over the last few weeks, and so will you.

I'm feeling really well now and I've reduced the amount of symbicort I use daily. Because dust is a trigger for me I've been using an air purifier and that is now reduced to an hour a day.

What I'm trying to say is that, although you feel dreadful now you will get through it and start to feel better again. It could take several trips to your doctor, maybe some changes in your medication, lots of patience and quite a long time but you will get there.

lots of hugs.



Hi Annista,

Thanks for your lovely reply. I'm so glad that you are feeling much better after a difficult spell, and it makes me feel better that my asthma is going improve. I am going to make an appointment to go back to the surgery as soon as I can and try and get myself sorted out.

Thanks again,

big hugs xx


Glad to hear you're going back to the doctor. Let us know how you get on.

Take care.



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