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Most number of times salbutamol should be taken a day?

I tend to take my salbutamol through a spacer, and my asthma has been terrible the past 6 months, 13 hopsital admissions! haven't had one lately luckily, but still use my reliever many many times a day. I was told by a doctor that day to day I shouldn't be taking it more than 6 times a day! I use way over this, I go through inhalers very quickly. Just wondered if anybody else could tell me how much is 'normal' to be taking, or should be taking day to day?

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I think in your case 4hrly is about the max, but even still that's quite a lot. If you're taking that much then it's a sign your asthma is very out of control. But it differs from person to person. Personally I'll take mine maybe 3/4 times a day but if I go over that and am doing it for more than a few days then I'll go to my GP.

Hope this helps

Vicky x


hiya sjbrown

It sounds like your asthma is very poorly controled the aim for all asthmatics is to get enough control to not need to take your reliever at all. If your taking it a lot as your post suggests you should talk to your gp or consultant and see if you can get something added into your treatment to get better control of your symptoms.

I've not had chance to see your profile to see what meds your on etc but hopefully your doctors can advice you more. Id book an appointment as soon as you can and talk it through.

It is not really appropiate for anyone on the boards to tell you how many times you can take your reliever we are not doctors. If your gp recommended that you dont exceed 6 doses he or she must have their reasons. We are not in any position to tell you anything that contradicts your doctors advice.

If your struggling then you need to take the appropriate action by seeing your gp asap or going to a and e!

Good luck Xx


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