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Seretide Accuhaler

Hi guys i just got put on this new inhaler ( Accuhaler ) Seretide 250, its the powder one with blisters, i just started taking it lastnight and this morning i forgot how to load a blister up so i noticed i loaded it twice, counter was at 59 now down to 57 and inhaled just once, does that mean i took 2 blisters ? or would it only load one blister when shut and opened again and if so should i be worried ?


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We've had this with the Accuhaler, it's a nuisance. The counter starts at 60 which was the one you had last night. So you started this morning on 59 and it is now 57? This means 2 blisters have been opened but you would only have inhaled one if you opened and shut it (59) and opened and inhaled (58). So don't worry, you wasted 59 but inhaled 58. It's something to look out for, otherwise you can find you run out of inhaler sooner than you think.


Thanks for the reply - just a bit paranoid lately =)


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