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Any good ideas t shift a cough?

hi sorry to be a pain in the rear, but has anyone got any ideas to calm an extreemly stubborn cough. (its so stubborn, ive had it now since October last year!)

I have tried various different cough syrups like strong ""Covornia"" (which had to be dialuted cos it was thick as tar) and ""Bennelin"" as well as the chemists own brand, yet nothinghas shifted it. Although thanks to the inhalers, it calms down, but on days like today where PF is a bit rubbish and my chest plays up, i sound like a cat trying to bring up a hairball!

any suggestions as this is driving me up the wall and ive got to wait another 2 weeks before my cons appointment.



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Cider-vinegar & honey

Hi Wendy

Hope This may be of some help? But I have heard that Cider-vinegar & honey can sometimes help, Sorry but i don't have the amounts that it needs to be mixed in

But I will try and find out for you.

Take care



Me again! Try this

Hi Wendy

Just found this hope it helps.

Found it on:


There are many types of coughs for various reasons, and these should be treated with reference to their nature and intensity. However, the cider vinegar and honey treatment will prove an efficacious treatment in this respect. Two teaspoons of cider vinegar and two of honey mixed with a glassful of water should be taken before meals, or when the irritation occurs. In the evening it would be an idea to have this mixture by your bed so that it can be sipped during the evening if an attack presents itself.

All the best




When I was in hospital in Jan cons gave me Mucodyne (Carbocisteine syrup) The only thing to ease my ""paroxysms"" of coughing. GPs and Pharmacists all look horrifiead and say only available on prescription to private patients. WHY ?? Its the only thing that works and those who need it should get it. Private patients have obviously been able to. I can`t find out if its the cost but i`d gladly save up and buy it! Shebob


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