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this may sound like a bit of a dumb/werid qu but how long should a neb take?

the reason i ask is i am on 2hr nebs -- was captured grr on fri- 5mg salbutamol nebs and then 4hrl 500mcg atrovent and wen combining this it take upp to an hr to run through 6l o2 and by the time i finish im only an hr away from next is that usual??? (still dsent get rid of wheeze grrrr!!!)

ta katie xxx

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KatieLou, I have never had more than 6 hourly atrovent a know technically you can have it more often but no-one seems convinced it makes any difference. Try a whole new neb set (acorn) and check the O2 is not leaking sometimes they do.



It's standard in my local to do 4hrly atrovent and ventolin with ventolin as required in between, but they don't neb on oxygen unless absolutely have to. Guess it's another diff costa diff things again.


Sometimes the System 22 neb sets get gunked up and loose the plot even when washed or have you lost the mushroom bit?? - they don't even produce enough vapor to nebulise a gnat! Change the set if I were you!

5mls shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.



I just timed it in the interests of experimentation, and a 5mg/2.5ml salbutamol neb driven by oxygen at 6L/min (from a large cylinder) using a standard Respironics chamber with mask took just over 6 minutes.

Even with ipratropium in there as well it shouldn't be taking anything like an hour - I would do as others have suggested and change the chamber, and probably the tubing as well to make sure there are no leaks.

Em H


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